17 декабря в Одесском зоопарке прошел праздник для детей по случаю Дня Святого Николая.

На празднике дети декламировали стихи на новогоднюю тематику и получали за это сладкие призы, а также водили хороводы и просто весело проводили время.

Недавно в зоопарке произошло пополнение, поэтому директор зверинца Игорь Беляков решил дать возможность детям самим выбрать имена для зверят.








В рамках праздника юные одесситы дали имена двум новорожденным тигрятам, одной мартышке и львице. Так, тигров назвали Лорд Ди и Леди Ди, мартышку – Одиссей, а львицу – Соня.



Авторы имен получили специальные подарки.



  1. Anonymous^A strange fitting hat and weird looking hat as well. The mechanism used for sizing it doesn't work&#44 and it doesn't fit on top of your head right&#44 meaning it's either over your eyes when it's forward or falling off the back of your head when backwards.~4|Sandy Rogers^Fabric and workmanship great~5|James Edwards^Just as described&#44 good purchase.~5|

  2. Angie B. Berkey^I ordered this tee for my son to wear for his Curious George themed 3rd birthday party. My son is very small for his age. He weighs about 27 lbs and still fits into 18-24 month shorts and tees. As most parents know&#44 kids clothing sizes can vary greatly. Some are way too big for my little one&#44 and others are fine. This tee in the 2T size was perfect for him. It was not too big or too long. It has a nice feel to it. I really liked the retro-style screen printing&#44 where the ink is intentionally missing in a few spots here and there so that it has a slightly weathered look&#44 but it doesn't looked ragged out. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a Curious George tee&#44 but I would say if you're on the fence about sizing&#44 order up just to be safe.~5|Tani^I wouldn't say this shirt is as «small» as it is just «tight». It has no stretch or give to it&#44 which makes it difficult to squeeze over my 2 year old's rather larger «dome». If the shirt had a bit more stretch to it&#44 we'd have gotten a lot more use from it. But sadly&#44 it's now going to another kiddo even though the length and such is fine on my toddler. It's just too hard to get on and off of her.~4|JWM^Says this is for boys but I bought this for my 2yr old daughter. She's loves it! Looks good on her.~5|Wendy Aull^This was a good purchase purely because my son loves Curious George. It definitely runs on the small side and appears to have shrunk after washing it the first time (even on the delicate wash and dry cycles). I agree with other reviews about 'faded' screen printing as well; it misses the mark and looks messy as opposed to vintage. Our banana was also only white as if missing a second pass to give it details. My 2 yr old didn't notice of course so for the price it was good to get a smile out of him. Just wish I ordered a size up.~3|Brandi^I bought this as a 3rd birthday present for my son&#44 who absolutely loves Curious George. He's relatively «normal» in size for his age&#44 though his head always measured as on the larger end of the scale of normal. Right now&#44 most 3T clothes fit him perfectly&#44 with some 2Ts still fitting ok and 4Ts being a bit roomy. I ordered the 4T for him&#44 so that he would be able to wear it for a long time&#44 even if he had another growth spurt.Well&#44 three months later and we can barely get this shirt over his head. All his 3Ts still fit fine&#44 and his 4Ts are just as roomy as ever&#44 so he hasn't suddenly gotten a huge head. And his clothes are always only washed in cold water / low heat in the dryer&#44 so it's not like it shrank. Honestly&#44 even the first time he wore it&#44 it was already a snug fit getting it over his head&#44 but now it's ridiculous.Other than being too small&#44 it's a good shirt. It's a very vibrant yellow&#44 certainly a shirt you can pick out of a crowd&#44 and the picture is very strong&#44 too; I was expecting a faded look from the picture&#44 but the printing is perfect and looks like new.~4|neamarie^My son got these shirts from his grandmothers and from Santa&#44 and he loves them!!! They are good quality and very cute.My only «complaint» was the way the product fit — my son is currently wearing 3T clothing&#44 so his grandmothers got him 4T shirts so that he could grow into them. But the 4T shirts are only slightly too big for him! I think if they had ordered him 3T that they would have been too small&#44 or else they would have fit him «just right» until the shrunk a little in the wash.~5|K. Lee^This runs a little bit small. I'm going to have to get the 3T right away for my 2-year-old son who's average size for his age. That said&#44 he likes the shirt. Fabric is decent quality&#44 worth the $ paid.~4|Steve & Michelle Hardisty^I purchased this shirt for my grandson who is almost 2 and crazy over Curious George. He currently wears 18 months so I figured he would have enough room to wear it all summer which isn't the case. After the first wash and the usual shrinking it's a little snug. I'm still very happy with my purchase because he loves this shirt. Grandpa plays the drums and my grandson loves to play too so this shirt was the greatest find ever. There hasn't been any visual fading which is great since most t-shirts in red fade rather quickly. I'm always leary of ordering t-shirts online because I worry about the fabric being cheap and scratchy. This shirt is softer than expected even after washing. There have been several washings with no sign of piling on the fabric. I would make this purchase again by ordering a size up.~4|J. J.^My 3-year-old watched Curious George incessantly&#44 so I bought him this shirt...and he doesn't want to wear it. Nothing wrong with it; my kid is just picky. Maybe it's a little more stiff than he's used to? Regardless; he should like it. I do. :)~5|Elisabet Morales^It was the perfect tee for his Curious George themed birthday party! It ran a tad short for him only because he's a bit taller than most two year olds. But other than that I&#44 and most importantly my son&#44 loved it. Shipped fast as promised.Great quality. Bright yellow.~4|

  3. JNK^It's polyester. It's NOT 100% cotton as advertised.This has happened before with t-shirts from China.False advertising.~3|Amazon Customer^I ordered a medium and when it showed up it was more like an extra large and not a slim fit as advertised?!?!?! The print was almost down to the bottom of the shirt. I'm really not happy about this product and would never order from this company again. You would be better off making your own with a sharpie&#44 that's how bad it is.~3|Patrick^This song moved into my brain and never left! Great fitting shirt&#44 the length is just a bit longer than normal tees which has kind of a slimming effect. The distressing is great. Cheap neck label. I nicked it a star as the graphic itself is positioned about an inch lower than what is shown... Still love it.~4|Mark Kunz^Love it...the back cover of a classic.~5|J Rae^Great...wonderful surprise present for my husband.~5|Superbaby^Shirt looks terrific&#44 but at medium&#44 which is my normal size&#44 it is somehow a bit tight on me... Is it me? After I lose a few pounds I'll update.~4|Troy L Swope^received quickly&#44 fits perfectly&#44 good quality&#44 nice design.~5|Amazon Customer^Great quality! Love this shirt!~5|Lou Stone^realistic vintage appearance~5|Lucas R Beardslee^Awesome T&#44 nice soft prewashed feel. Glad to have found this.~5|

  4. cierra roslyn^It's a really nice hat&#44 but some of the stitches were uneven. It's a black hat so it doesn't really matter. And it's really close to the picture! The smiley face is a bit more orange&#44 but that may just be due to how photos work.~4|bluntcritic^my fat head doesnt fit&#44 maybe if i was bald. if only it costs like $10-$13 then i would have been happier. cheap quality. the $12 ones that you find around here is much better design with higher quality hat.~3|Brittany Kozak^Very fast delivery. Great quality. Exactly as advertised.~5|Kitty^Very cute cap. The crow did have a large bend in&#44 presumably from being in a box for shipping&#44 and I can't seem to get that dent out.~5|BRIAN R.^Nice Quality~5|

  5. Brian^Great shirt!~5|Sebastian Gerber^I have had my share of disappointing T-Shirt purchases and given the nature of mail-order&#44 it is often a risk.So I figured it would be worth sharing how satisfied I am with this one.The sleeves are not too long or short and don't sag or flap about shapelessly; the neck is perfect- not too wide or tight&#44 and the general shape of the shirt should adjust to many nuances of torso shape.The screen-print of the Hot Rats album cover is not too shiny and blends in well with its black cotton surrounds.So&#44 basically&#44 this is a great T and one of the best musician/band shirts I've ever bought.Highly recommended.~5|CodMan^Bought this record on vinyl when it was originally issued. A lot of people stop me on the street and compliment me on the shirt.~5|jeff wilder^the quality of the t shirt was disappointing... the material was a bit scratchy and the short sleeves stuck out...they didnt lay down...i wont wear it anywhere...maybe just around the house...bummer...i love the logo and quality of the print art...the tshirt itself needs to be a better quality...i would pay more for a better quality tshirt Jeff Wilder~3|Michael G.^Great.~5|SueAnne^Great shirt — looked huge when I received it but after washing and drying it&#44 it shrank enough that it didn't make much of a difference...~5|jim rogers^nice shirt~5|David A. Kaplowitz^Great shirt. I get lots of props from Zappa fans when I walk around with it on. They should lose the annoying&#44 scratchy tags to save me the trouble of cutting them off myself.~4|Mainman^Xmas present to grandson. He liked it very much.~4|Jeremy^Super happy. This shirt rules. Love it.~5|

  6. Kindle Customer^Too funny. Love it. Seems good quality. I havent had too long to say how it holds up. But so far so good.~5|Megan Thomas^Very soft material and my husband thought it was funny~5|Rob Grant^Bought this shirt to wear on a Carnival Cruise to Mexico! Had several people laugh and make comments on it from the movie. Certainly worth it!~5|Dano Smith^Love it~4|Steve Eliot^Quality shirt for a reasonable price. The material feels durable and the shirt fit me and didn't shrink after the first wash. Would be great if offered in long sleeve! Will Ferrell and John C Reilly «Dale» would be proud.~4|Amazon Customer^Have received so many comments on how much people love the shirt!~5|Lil spoon^I get a lot of compliments on this shirt~5|Dawn Tiffin^was a gift...brought a smile!~5|Bryant^All my friends were super jealous of this shirt!~5|ram247x^Very thin fabric. Synthetic blend. Fits small. Dont expect it to last long.~3|

  7. Paul C.^We got a picture on the left side saying that that's what they're buying it when you get the shirt it's like a shirt on the right with his iron on his three times smaller and shrinks up real small~3|Jessica McDaniel^This product is not 100% cotton it was a stretchy material with a blurry image. I am not for sure that the size was even correct since there was no inside label. Very disappointed. Waste of money. And I waited for nearly a month to receive the item. Don't waste your time or money.~3|J. Weeks^Terrible quality! The image is very blurry and too small for the front of the shirt. I am actually afraid that it will not fit as it looks small. I bought this for my husband for Christmas because they are sold out in stores so he hasn't tried it on yet. I am actually embarrassed to give it to him. The screen print quality is just SO BAD!!!!The item ships from China as well so be prepared to wait the full ship time.~3|Nichol^This shirt is terrible&#44 The print is smaller and blurry and the material isn't 100% cotton&#44 it's more like a cheap jersey material&#44 the outside is black and the inside is white. The size isn't true to a large either&#44 much smaller. So disappointed~3|Jamie Sauco^Absolute garbage Kock off Type Shirt. The print is so bad that you cant even make out that its a walking dead shirt. When I tried to return it they offered a 5 dollar return which I denied because the quality is so bad. No they want me to return in to China at my cost. Hopefully this review will cost them more in sales.~3|Keith F. Rincker^Horrible. The image is soooo much smaller than what the picture shows and the image is also very faded to the point of it looks washed 500 times. Waste of money.~3|Hallie^I ordered a size 3xl and I received a 2xl. I also received this shirt over a week late. The design is crap! It's blurry and smaller than it looked in the picture and it's crooked.~3|Laura Brown^The item described is not the product i ordered. The item was not 100% cotton but polyesrer&#44 and did not have the labels or tags confirming it was an AMC product. It also did not fit as a Men's X-Large T-shirt should fit.~3|Amazon Customer^Horrible product!! Nothing like the description. It's NOT cotton&#44 it's made of rayon/spandex. The graphic is NOT screen printed&#44 it's dyed into the material. Not only did it take 4 weeks to ship&#44 its not what I purchased. There are no garment tags&#44 except for a size tag inside the bottom left side of the shirt. Now the seller is telling me to return at my own expense. Or keep the product with a $2 discount. SERIOUSLY?!?!?!~3|Samantha Brown^Wish I could give 0 stars. Shirt is actually Nylon&#44 tight and uncomfortable. Shirt is small with sleeves that are even smaller like a ladies' shirt. The grafic is awful! It is worn out and faded! I instantly requested a refund after opening the package. I waited 4 weeks for trash to arrive. DO NOT BUY THIS SHIRT! They won't refund all my money but only 4.40 worth of my bill. I filed a complaint to Amazon but still waiting for any response. Very&#44 very disappointed.~3|

  8. Phil^Nice hat for price.~4|shortfuze^Nice product--We'll see how it holds up this summer mowing the lawn and it gets a little (or a lot) of sweat on it.~5|Adam Stone^Great hat that fits nicely. Good quality on the hat&#44 as well as the patch. I've had it a week and already bought the red one to go along with it.~5|Tarik Bonas^Thought the logo would be a little bit smaller but the hat fits great and is made of quality material.~4|Robert Thompson^Nice hat.~4|Ryan Miller^Nice hat&#44 nice fit. Have received compliments.~5|

  9. Shaun @amazonian^Loved my first purchase so much I bought another one. Unfortunately&#44 the second tee I received was nothing like the original. Extremely poor quality. Different material&#44 print&#44 and fit. Would have bought the original one over and over and over if they could have been consistent with the quality.~4|Vanessa Waters^DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMAPNY. Cheap and terrible products they are selling. The Journey shirt I bought was suppose to have Journey written across the top. Instead it had a ton of missing vinyl the word Journey was not remotely on it.~3|Dave^Very soft t-shirt. Fits well and who doesn't love Journey.~4|georgia mom^son loved the shirt~5|s.reyna^This was too small! It's cut small warning otherwise it looked great~4|bababooey^Totally disappointed. Thought I was ordering a cotton blend t-shirt &#44 what I got was a silky poorly printed knockoff from China that you can't even read.~3|

  10. photographer mama^This was a gift for my husband. He had worn out his original shirt given to him by Starfleet Academy when he graduated and joined the United Federation of Planets Maintenance Team as a sweeper for the run to the Beta Sector near the Neutral Zone. Gosh&#44 was he ever proud of that shirt and the commendation he received for sweeping in a crisis. I was dubious of this position&#44 but the shirt the UFoP gave him was NOT red&#44 so I was relieved. I made sure the replacement shirt was also not red&#44 because we all know how that ends up!Anywho&#44 he has worked up to First Mate of his own vessel now&#44 delivering supplies to the human outpost near Cardassian space. He'll be proud to wear this when he's not on duty!~5|vic valdez^Made out of quality material. Came in less that a week. The size was what I expected it to be&#44 so allowing for a little shrinkage&#44 I'm good to go. How can anyone live without a \"united federation of planets\" t-shirt&#44 I'll never know. In a world of no class and mediocrity&#44 I wear it proudly.~5|Rocketeer^I moved a few months ago and bought this to attend a Star Trek event before my costumes arrived. Very affordable and nice looking shirt. Was a little snugger than normal even before washing...~4|Petunia^Like the light weight cotton. Comfortable but after one washing in cold water&#44 gentle cycle & dry delicate it shrank. I am a woman&#44 5'2" and bought the men's large expecting something loose and long and big. This is now too small for me.~4|Xinra^The shirt really nice. I love it. The quality of the shirt material is good&#44 and the design is excellent. I've worn and washed it several times now&#44 and I'm happy with the quality. I definitely recommend this to my fellow Trekkers.~5|Alucard^Package shipped faster than expected and came nicely folded in a poly bag so thank you to the seller (PosterRevolution). Print on the shirt looks good although the blue is slightly lighter than pictured&#44 logo is centered well&#44 lettering looks good. I have worn and washed it twice and it has held up well so far&#44 however&#44 I wash this on warm and dry this on low heat or hang up to dry. This is a good looking shirt for a decent price&#44 got mine for sale price of $14. I love the fact that only Trekkies recognize the significance of the logo. I got a couple of compliments and they were from other fans. Great shirt&#44 I would repurchase!~4|Rick K^Nice Shirt&#44 Good Quality&#44 Good Price.Good fit&#44 prompt delivery.Decent heavier material with a decal print of a type I have on other shirts that has lasted years.~5|sopraminerva^Got a medium and it fits fine. Decent quality not overly cheap looking. A must for Star Trek lovers. I hope it does not shrink because then the fit will be small.~5|S. Cohan^Good quality shirt and classic design. A must for anyTrekkies or Trekkers. Fast delivery will not disappoint.~5|ginabina^Was for my son's birthday and he loved it!!! Great service A+++ seller. Thank you ??~5|

  11. N. Hamman^Nice material but was smaller than other vintage T-shirts sold on Amazon for the size. Purchased 2X but tight like 1X~4|Amazon Customer^This is not the shirt shown in the image. It is a completely different material. The design looks horrible. It is obviously a knock-off. Plus&#44 the sizing is about 2-3 sizes smaller than you would expect.~3|Marvina S^This was a requested gift and the recipient loved it.~5|Amazon Customer^No the color it is pictured in. Bright red.~3|Amazon Customer^Got this for my 19 year old son who is a Dr Pepper junky — fit as advertised. Nice material&#44 feel and my 19 year old son liked it — tough to do at times. Thanks.~5|Chris Randle^Okay shirt. Fit isn't very good. Overall low quality shirt. You can probably find a better version elsewhere.~4|Damen^two days after i ordered this shirt i saw it on a dude at a bar. guess it's popular lol~5|Elliot^Poor qualilty~3|Kraig M Heiligmann^Sweet~5|W^Nice shirt even if I don't drink Dr. Pepper~5|

  12. LJ Kentowski^TShirt is awesome. Super fast delivery and just as the product is described.~5|Michele^My daughter loves this shirt.~5|Brianna Yankasky^Perfect~5|Melissa Whitaker^I like the shirt overall but it is bigger than I thought it would be and haven't worn it yet.~4|Jeremy Poe^I haven't ever worn a shirt like this&#44 but I have definitely grown to love it! Stranger Things is my new favorite show! I like the classic look of the shirt and fits me well. Definitely recommend.~5|JavaLava79^Daughter loves the shirt.~5|Jennifer^Cute shirt&#44 but ran quite large! The adult small was giant!~3|robert dederick^arrived as described. good purchase.~5|Lance E.^So cute. Kinda see through but with the right colored bra its perfect. Im 5'6 and 190 pounds. Large fit perfectly. Not too lose or tight. Does not shrink~5|Karrie A. Kenney^Exactly what I wanted! Fit perfect and great quality.~5|

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  14. Flutterfly^I don't look good in hats&#44 but I needed a sun hat for the beach to protect my face and hair color. I really liked the shape and detail on this hat and the reviews were good. My head is small 22" and surprisingly&#44 this fit perfectly. It has an elastic band on the inside that keeps it snug and comfortable. It may not work for you if you have a large head. It's a nice hat. Pretty and cool. I feel confident in it and it's a great value at $15! I like that I can bend it how I want and it holds its shape well. Very pleased.~5|Michelle^I agree with other reviewers who said the hat is too shallow (inner-height-wise)&#44 and the inner circumference is too large. It just sort of floated above my head and it wouldn't allow me to pull it down to where it needed to sit comfortably. I'm going with the (albeit much more expensive) Wallaroo Catalina hat&#44 which is beautiful and fits really well.~4|M. Holman-smith^This was a gift for a friend who spends hot days on her tractor...always in style. I stuck a few orchid sprays in around the crown. She rocked it! The hat is very light weight and has a lovely weave. Nice tie under chin to keep itself on in rough terrain. Wish all my peeps could have one. It arrived a little squished...but I spritzt it with water and gentle shaped~5|Jane Eyre^Nice basic straw hat. Fits my head well with a variety of hair styles (braids&#44 low pony tail). The bead that snugs the cord is a little too loose&#44 so it often slips down. But it doesn't really matter because the hat fits well and stays on&#44 even in light wind.~5|Brittany Rapp^The quality of the hat was nice. The hat just didn't go on as far as I would have liked it&#44 which made it a little lose. Wind or too much movement knocked it off a couple of times. I still enjoyed wearing it.~4|Amazon Customer^I purchased this hat to wear on a canoe trip. The string tie keeps the hat snugly on so it doesn't blow away (I tighten in under my braid). It's a great looking hat&#44 comfortable&#44 fits great. I wear a 7 1/8 size hat. It fit fine&#44 with room to spare.Shipping was quick. It took about 4 business days.~5|ccurve8^This hat is a nice color and has interesting weave. A little bit different than the others. The fixed rolled brim wasn't quite what I expected but it sells for a reasonable price and is fun to wear with my boots and Native American jewelry. Did get compliments on it&#44 so that made me happy. I'll wear it some more&#44 for sure.~3|Hrsawula^I mainly bought this hat for a big hike coming up in Kauai. I wanted to keep the sun off my head&#44 since I'm Canadian the sun's intensity might be a bit much at first :). I love the textured weave that this hat has&#44 different than most \"summer cowboy hats\". It fits just fine and the little draw string will come in handy for windy days. I'll definitely be wearing this hat more than just on my hike! I'll wear it to the beach...the Calgary Stampede...it'll be perfect! 🙂 Enjoy!~5|Cathy^Very happy with the hat and the packaging.~5|Janet K^Love this hat! Works perfectly in our boat and convertible! Highly recommend.~5|

  15. LCMOMMA^I purchased this shirt for my husband for Christmas. As a kid he enjoyed watching Bob Ross paint on TV. The picture of this shirt looks great&#44 but that picture is so deceiving. The shirt is made of a stretchy&#44 athletic-like material&#44 that fits like a shirt that's 2 sizes smaller than what I ordered. I ordered a medium&#44 and it was more like an x-small. I gave it 2 stars because the picture on the front is very well done. My husband loved the graphics on this shirt&#44 and if it was cotton&#44 or cotton-blend&#44 it would definitely be his favorite. Unfortunately he can't even wear it because it fits so poorly&#44 it looks silly. I'll definitely&#44 always&#44 check the material description before I buy anything. The picture is nothing like what we received.~4|Baylee baker^Terrible graphics on this shirt. It is not at all as pictured. You can barely see the print on the shirt. Very poor Ely done!!~3|Amazon Customer^The print is off center and very grainy&#44 the quality is poor and it's hard to read the text on the shirt. It fit like expected and I'll still wear it&#44 however&#44 the quality was slightly disappointing and it came later than the expected date&#44 probably because UT was being shipped from China.~4|Cody^HORRIBLE DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY.Well first off it's based out of China so the shipping took almost a month longer than originally posted. I received a different shirt than I purchased and it's pressed on from a print of a 8.5/11 paper and already faded~3|Amazon Customer^If I could give zero stars&#44 that would be the chosen option. Took nineteen days to ship&#44 and arrived smelling of chemicals&#44 too large&#44 and with cheap graphics. The lettering is NOT white&#44 and the picture quality is terrible. I don't recommend this to anyone.~3|pursuetruth^I bought this for my 26 year old nephew&#44 he got SUCH a kick out of it! He's a thin kid and I bought him a medium&#44 which fits perfectly.The graphic is clean and well placed and I'm very pleased.~5|Bonnie B^Wished I would have read other reviews before ordering...looks nothing like the photo 🙁 white ink is like a milky clear. IT SUCKS! Soo does not do Bob Ross & his happy little trees justice.~3|Jeff Kolda^DON'T be suckered into buying this. It's terrible. Pathetic quality graphics. Took forever to get here on the slow boat from China.~3|Todd M Lakey^Can I write -10 stars? This is awful quality and doesn't look at all the same! Don't buy~3|Laura M Hitchcock^The words on this T Shirt sis not show up as well as pictured. But overall a nice shirt~4|

  16. Adrian Beebe^Got this for sleeping and to tuck under ski goggles. I usually rock a brim&#44 this is the only non-brimmed tam i could find that looked like my size (L/XL). It fits my near waist long dreads well&#44 but i was hoping for some elastic to keep the hat from slipping off. I usually wake up and the hat has slipped off.~3|Walt Ginsberg^Nice hat. My kids are jealous...that's when I know I've purchased the right thing. Great buy for the price.~5|Jeanine Zahniser^Its really big&#44 but that's what I wanted so its awesome! The opening stretches and stays around my head&#44 all my loose hair fits inside&#44 plus tons of extra room.~5|Seattle Chuck^Little small on my big head but I have a huge head.~5|maluque^I love it . I have long hair and it fits just right .~5|Jennifer Barclay^My son LOVES this hat. He would wear it all day and night if I let him! He says it is very comfy to sleep in!~5|Seraph^Fits perfectly!~5|Amazon Customer^It is warm&#44 roomy and fits my braids perfectly.~5|Amazon Customer^Looks OK~3|saoud almeshwet^GOOD~5|