17 декабря в Одесском зоопарке прошел праздник для детей по случаю Дня Святого Николая.

На празднике дети декламировали стихи на новогоднюю тематику и получали за это сладкие призы, а также водили хороводы и просто весело проводили время.

Недавно в зоопарке произошло пополнение, поэтому директор зверинца Игорь Беляков решил дать возможность детям самим выбрать имена для зверят.








В рамках праздника юные одесситы дали имена двум новорожденным тигрятам, одной мартышке и львице. Так, тигров назвали Лорд Ди и Леди Ди, мартышку – Одиссей, а львицу – Соня.



Авторы имен получили специальные подарки.



  1. Anonymous^A strange fitting hat and weird looking hat as well. The mechanism used for sizing it doesn't work&#44 and it doesn't fit on top of your head right&#44 meaning it's either over your eyes when it's forward or falling off the back of your head when backwards.~4|Sandy Rogers^Fabric and workmanship great~5|James Edwards^Just as described&#44 good purchase.~5|

  2. Angie B. Berkey^I ordered this tee for my son to wear for his Curious George themed 3rd birthday party. My son is very small for his age. He weighs about 27 lbs and still fits into 18-24 month shorts and tees. As most parents know&#44 kids clothing sizes can vary greatly. Some are way too big for my little one&#44 and others are fine. This tee in the 2T size was perfect for him. It was not too big or too long. It has a nice feel to it. I really liked the retro-style screen printing&#44 where the ink is intentionally missing in a few spots here and there so that it has a slightly weathered look&#44 but it doesn't looked ragged out. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a Curious George tee&#44 but I would say if you're on the fence about sizing&#44 order up just to be safe.~5|Tani^I wouldn't say this shirt is as «small» as it is just «tight». It has no stretch or give to it&#44 which makes it difficult to squeeze over my 2 year old's rather larger «dome». If the shirt had a bit more stretch to it&#44 we'd have gotten a lot more use from it. But sadly&#44 it's now going to another kiddo even though the length and such is fine on my toddler. It's just too hard to get on and off of her.~4|JWM^Says this is for boys but I bought this for my 2yr old daughter. She's loves it! Looks good on her.~5|Wendy Aull^This was a good purchase purely because my son loves Curious George. It definitely runs on the small side and appears to have shrunk after washing it the first time (even on the delicate wash and dry cycles). I agree with other reviews about 'faded' screen printing as well; it misses the mark and looks messy as opposed to vintage. Our banana was also only white as if missing a second pass to give it details. My 2 yr old didn't notice of course so for the price it was good to get a smile out of him. Just wish I ordered a size up.~3|Brandi^I bought this as a 3rd birthday present for my son&#44 who absolutely loves Curious George. He's relatively «normal» in size for his age&#44 though his head always measured as on the larger end of the scale of normal. Right now&#44 most 3T clothes fit him perfectly&#44 with some 2Ts still fitting ok and 4Ts being a bit roomy. I ordered the 4T for him&#44 so that he would be able to wear it for a long time&#44 even if he had another growth spurt.Well&#44 three months later and we can barely get this shirt over his head. All his 3Ts still fit fine&#44 and his 4Ts are just as roomy as ever&#44 so he hasn't suddenly gotten a huge head. And his clothes are always only washed in cold water / low heat in the dryer&#44 so it's not like it shrank. Honestly&#44 even the first time he wore it&#44 it was already a snug fit getting it over his head&#44 but now it's ridiculous.Other than being too small&#44 it's a good shirt. It's a very vibrant yellow&#44 certainly a shirt you can pick out of a crowd&#44 and the picture is very strong&#44 too; I was expecting a faded look from the picture&#44 but the printing is perfect and looks like new.~4|neamarie^My son got these shirts from his grandmothers and from Santa&#44 and he loves them!!! They are good quality and very cute.My only «complaint» was the way the product fit — my son is currently wearing 3T clothing&#44 so his grandmothers got him 4T shirts so that he could grow into them. But the 4T shirts are only slightly too big for him! I think if they had ordered him 3T that they would have been too small&#44 or else they would have fit him «just right» until the shrunk a little in the wash.~5|K. Lee^This runs a little bit small. I'm going to have to get the 3T right away for my 2-year-old son who's average size for his age. That said&#44 he likes the shirt. Fabric is decent quality&#44 worth the $ paid.~4|Steve & Michelle Hardisty^I purchased this shirt for my grandson who is almost 2 and crazy over Curious George. He currently wears 18 months so I figured he would have enough room to wear it all summer which isn't the case. After the first wash and the usual shrinking it's a little snug. I'm still very happy with my purchase because he loves this shirt. Grandpa plays the drums and my grandson loves to play too so this shirt was the greatest find ever. There hasn't been any visual fading which is great since most t-shirts in red fade rather quickly. I'm always leary of ordering t-shirts online because I worry about the fabric being cheap and scratchy. This shirt is softer than expected even after washing. There have been several washings with no sign of piling on the fabric. I would make this purchase again by ordering a size up.~4|J. J.^My 3-year-old watched Curious George incessantly&#44 so I bought him this shirt...and he doesn't want to wear it. Nothing wrong with it; my kid is just picky. Maybe it's a little more stiff than he's used to? Regardless; he should like it. I do. :)~5|Elisabet Morales^It was the perfect tee for his Curious George themed birthday party! It ran a tad short for him only because he's a bit taller than most two year olds. But other than that I&#44 and most importantly my son&#44 loved it. Shipped fast as promised.Great quality. Bright yellow.~4|